During your stay in The Last Stamp hostel, you can enjoy the following services and facilities:

  • Free Wifi in all our premises.
  • Access to computers and printers.
  • 24 hours open reception.
  • Lift.
  • Snack, cold and warm drinks machine.
  • Relax areas with sofas and tables for your confort.
  • Fully equiped kitchen.
  • Luggage deposit for your backpack while you wait for your train or plane.
  • A safe place to leave your bicycle.
  • Washing machines and drier.

The Last Stamp hostel has a total of six floors located on a lower floor, ground floor, first, second and third floors and an attic, which are accessible by stairs or elevator. n the ground floor, we find the reception (with 24 hours service) and computers designed to be used by guests: you will be able to connect to the Internet or print documents (you also have a free Wifi service with coverage in all installations)

Downstairs you will find a fully equipped kitchen, to prepare coffee, cooking with your friends or just to relax having some with drink, coffee or snacks form the machines. In this floor you can also find a room designed for relaxation, furnished with sofas, a TV and a glass roof. The perfect place to exchange experiences lived on the pilgrimnage route …


our kitchen in the basement is fully equiped

In the first, second and third floor we find the rooms. Each floor has a room with 10 bunk beds (except on the second floor, which has six bunks) and another room where there are 4 bunk beds and a double bed that we have separated from the rest using sliding doors to have a more intimate stay. The bathroom consists of two showers, one for each sex, two toilets, a large sink and a comfortable and functional footbaths. Finally, the attic is a more private room (ideal for families or groups of up to 4 persons) with double bed and two bunk beds, bathroom and toilet built into it.


We have worked on every detail, from the hall to the bathrooms


The rooms are modular, we can create modules for 2, 4 or up to 8 persons.


Each room has a different personality making them unique, this one has a beautiful balcony